All testimonials are posted with the written consent of the person being quoted. Puctuation is as was written.
This was one of the BEST presentations I’ve been to. So much great information. Thank you!
Marlene Garrett, Director of Education Services, American Fire Sprinkler Assn.
Awesome! Best meeting all year!
Cindy Plotkin, CMP, Manager of Meetings and Eventts, Celanese
Excellent session! Best one I have attended at PCMA. Needed to be 2 hours! Bring it back in 2014.
Marguerite Leishman, Meetings Manager, ACTE
Sensational session. Worth the entire PCMA registration fee.
Bonnie Wallsh, Chief Strategist, Bonnie Walsh Associates
Corbin, ALWAYS a homerun presentation of great info!
Peter O’Brien, Marriott Global Sales
One of the BEST speaking engagements I have ever been to. Very Informative.
Cheryl Forsyth, Student, Richland College
One of the best presentations I’ve seen in years!!! My students have used your work. I knew you would be good, but not that good! Fantastic!
Nick Jordan, Senior Lecturer, UK Centre for Events Management
Absolutely the best presentation I’ve ever seen! Thank you!
Ken McGovern, Regional Sales Director, Newmarket International
I have been coming to Affordable Meetings for years. This was by far the most informative, interesting, and relevant session I’ve ever attended! Thank you.
Stacey Royston, Manager of Meetings and Technology Services, U.S. Pharmacopeia
The most startling technology presentation I have ever seen. Thank you for the peek into the near future of our business.
Kevin Reeves, Client Services, Vancouver Convention Centre
One of the most interesting and informative 90 minutes I have spent in decades. Corbin is an absolute must see and listen!
Jerry Senko, General Manager of Events and Entertainment, Eurazplace
Best presentation ever!
Kevin Burton, Fiscal Operations Manager, San Antonio Conventions Facility
Fantastic seminar! Very exciting advances to come. Your enthusiasm is contagious.
Michele Mamacos, Manager of Events Services, Northlands
EXCELLENT! Best presentation of the entire meeting!
Carol Traxler, PhD, Consultant, Elegant Events in Washington DC
Your session blew me away. I could easily listen to your information all day. This was incredibly informative.
Michael McNutt, Human Capital Manager, Information Experts
This has been the most informative session yet. I really enjoyed it and learned a ton.
Jennifer Lou, Conference Planning Manager, Academy for Educational Development Great information!
Truly the best speaker of the conference.
Armine Terzyan, Convention Sales Data Coordinator, Mirage Hotel and Casino
Amazing! I have not learned so much in such a short time ever! I want more!
Rafael Olivares, Sales Executive, Finnish Tourism Board
On a scale of 1 to 10, your session was a 20!
Joanne Langevin, Manger of Meetings and Events, College of Family Physicians of Canada
Energizing, inspirational, out-of-the-box thinker that left me motivated and open to new technologies.
Rob Kocis,  Designer, Lynch Exhibits
Your relevance is a breath of fresh air! ABSOLUTELY MINDBLOWING!
Kay Jensen, Events Specialist, Concepts
Great presentation! Extremely informative and insightful. Enjoyed it immensely! Thank you.
Tabetha Lim, Meeting Professional
Corbin, your sessions are always outstanding. I always take away so much valuable info that I can use right away. Many thanks. You are proof positive you can teach an industry veteran (old dog) new tricks.
Cynthia Alford, Managing Director, Destination South Meetings and Events
Excellent content provided in an easily digestible format. Wish this session was twice as long.
Sean Hewitt, Manager of Meetings and Expositions, Kellen Meetings
This was by far the best class that I have ever attended. You covered so much valuable information in less than 2 hours - more than most two-day seminars.
Donna Walker, Meeting Coordinator, Procter & Gamble Pharmaceuticals
The presentation was extremely informative. I learned more in the last hour than I’ve learned all month.
Malorie Simmons, Sales Manager, Camelot Enterprises, Inc.
Way beyond the best I could have imagined!
Russell Clark, Environmental Protection Specialist, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Corbin’s talk alone is worth the price of the entire meeting!
Bobette Gorden, President, New Information Presentations
The most “understandable” technical presentation I have ever seen. A wonderful presentation of what to expect in technical advancement.
Lee Derkay, National Account Manager, ConferenceDirect.
What a fabulous program! Wonderful and so informative. Thanks. You are amazing!
Deborah Gardener, President, DG International
Amazing! I learned tremendous new ways to be more efficient.
Kristy Geiger, Associate Director of University Events, College of William and Mary
As always, Corbin’s breakout it profound!!  Incredible suggestions for using technology to make us more efficient.
Will Trokey, Regional Sales Manager, Visit Baltimore
Brilliant. Absolutely mind blowing, informative and thought-provoking!!
Glynis Anderson, General Manager, Thebe Exhibitions and Projects
Great updates. Brilliant insight into user-friendly products for our industry. Extremely valuable.
Lance Gibbons, Publisher, Film Event Media
Thank you so much! This was so incredibly helpful and useful. I can go home and apply today!
Meredith Martini, Owner, Playworks Group
Wonderful! Engaging, entertaining and very informative.
Laura Brady, Conference Coordinator, UCLA Conference Center
Great as always. Wish there was more time.
Amy Pelinsky, Owner, A to Z Events
Excellent, relevant presentation. Will definitely share with my team. Love the specific examples and demos!
Amy Spaulding, VP of Event Marketing, Bank of America
A wealth of info delivered in a fast-paced and entertaining way. Outstanding. Thank you.
Mark Wallisa, General Manager, Savannah Center
Great! Best speaker all year. Thank you.
Robin Wagner, CMP, President, Concepts in Meetings & Events
Best session of the entire HCEA meeting!
Doris AuBuchon, Tradeshow Manager, Elekta
Very informative. Best seminar so far at HCEA. Thought provoking.
Denise Nystrom, Tradeshow Manager, Zoll Medical Group
Wonderful information! Wonderful speaker!
Deborah Faucher, Manager Marketing Communication, Covidien Sports Surgery
Utterly fab info!!! You make the future come to life now!
Jill Marti, President, Video Tattoo
Fantastic and challenging presentation
James Henderson, PCMA Chapter Treasurer, ESRA
Best phone app/technology presentation! Very informative.
Marina Dutton, Associate Sales Director, Sheraton Hotel at Anaheim Resort
Exciting, almost overwhelming amount of info – Loved it!
Barb Klemm, Sr. Meetings Manager, Prestige Accommodations
This was an amazing presentation. Even as a student that uses all this technology, I was able to learn so much.
Brittany Griffor, Student, San Diego State University
This is the best seminar I have been to.
Rich Fava, Account Executive, Optima Graphics
Wow! That is all I can say. Amazing presentation!
Felipe Zumbo, Director of Corporate Sales, Castle on the Hudson
This was great! Really scary but great! I have so many ideas to take back to my organization.
Robyn Addis, Firmwide Events Manager, Dechert LLP
Great, overwhelming, super cool stuff. Thanks for helping to get informed on this ever changing topic!
Caryn Taylor Lucia, Director of Events, SEI
Fantastic references for apps and programs to streamline the meeting planning process.
Olivia Peiffer, Event Manager, J. Scott Catering
Awesome presentation.
Brad Falberg, President, Exhibitus
Material was simplified for the “non-geek”, but it was still interesting to “uber-geeks” like myself! I enjoyed it totally! Best session I attended so far!!!
Krislynee Markey, CTC, CMP, Senior Sales Manager, USA Hosts
Excellent presentation. Very thorough. Knowledgeable. I found the session informative, enjoyable and FASCINATING!!!
Eileen Devine CME-H, Senior Exhibit Planner, Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics.
Outstanding presentation. A glimpse of the future today.
Dr. David Eubanks, Senior VP, AmericanCollege of Chest Physicians
Would be a great general session topic and speaker.
Ramona Crawford, Corporate Relations Manager, American Urological Association
Corbin is the tech guru… And you don’t need to climb a mountain to get his vision. It’s online
Stephen Schuldenfrei, President, Trade Show Exhibitors Association (TSEA)
This 62-year-old has learned more about technology in the last hour and a half than I have in the last five years. Thankyou for opening my eyes.
Rich Fava, Accounted Executive, The Mash Group
In one word “WOW”! What I learned in 2 hours, will save days of phone calls and waiting. I would like to see this as a return topic next year.
Darlene Young, Event Director, M. Nan Keken & Associates Ltd.
Very informative, Interesting and, at the same time, a real eye-opener on how much information is available. Very enjoyable!
Matt Wilson, Manager, Rentals & Staging – Vancouver, Sharp’s Audio Visual Ltd.
Effective, useful, simple for both the high-end user and the first-time beginner. Well done!
Sheri Moore, Communications Officer, MCC Planners
Great information! From the fantastic to the cutting edge to the scary – you covered it all! Thanks for the insight!
Richard Smith, National Sales Manager, Meetings & Conventions, Tourism Winnipeg
Wow! I can see lightbulbs going off above peoples’ heads all over the office! I’m going to rush out, buy a laptop and start taking classes!,
Pamela Miller, CMP, CFRE, Special Events Coordinator, HSBC Securities, Inc.
Great presentation! Best one I have attended.
Joel Kohn, Self Employed
Very interesting and the best session this week.
Patti Cardoza, Trade Show Manager, Accuary Incorporated
Wonderful, interesting, engaging.
Maureen Harvey, Senior Sales Manager, Alisal Guest Ranch
Corbin is the consummate professional. You are always delivering relevant content and sharing exciting tech trends.
Jim Fausel, President and COO, MeetGCA
Wow – amazing! I can’t wait to try some of these new technologies with my meetings.
Betty Ice, Director of Marketing and Communications, Health Dimensions Group
This session was terrific! Informative, well organized and inspiring. A+
Kathy Watterson, Assistant Editor, ExhibitCity News
Corbin’s presentation was excellent. He is very knowledgeable and passionate about technology.
Sharon Hayden, Trade Show Manager, Lockheed Martin
Highly informative. The presentation flew by and left me yearning for more.
Sara Lyman, Marketing Manager, Marathon Multimedi
Great presentation! A view into the future with an eye toward present practicality.
Rich Carpenter, VP Sales and Marketing, SelliQuest, Inc.
Attending your session was a highlight of the conference!  The insights and perspectives I gained would have taken days of research on my own and I would have been only half way there!!!
Alex Wray, President, Wray Group
The best, most informative session I've attended in years - and great handouts!
Helen Comer, Convention Sales Executive, St. Louis Convention and Visitors Bureau
I’ve gone from the dark ages to being technology savvy in three hours. Absolutely amazing and helpful information in easy terminology for even the beginner. A presenter that knows his stuff and, more importantly, can present it!
Jennifer Barnett, Director of Sales, Canberra Convention Bureau
Excellent presentation. The best presentation of the conference.
Martiza Rodriguez, Senior Sales Analyst, Universal Orlando Resort
Fantastic! Very thought-provoking.
Adam Moiles, Corporate Director of Sales, Andre Balazs Properties
Well presented, clear, concise. Excellent pacing and delivery. Powerfully packed with quality information. A fantastic 60 minutes that will now save me hundreds of research hours.
Rafael Colon, President, Voices Internacional
Absolutely brilliant!  Dynamic and useful. Great content, style and delivery.
Exceeded my expectations.
Don Everly Smith, Professional Speaker, Never Speechless In Seattle
This was the best MNMPI Chapter Meeting in my 14 years as a member!
Barb Louis, CEO, Best Meetings Inc.
This was far and away the most informative presentation I've gone to in years.
Ildiko Moran, VP Public Affairs and Development, Central European University
Outstanding. Clearly presented. Vastly informative. I did not want it to end!
Jim Papineau, Deputy General Manager, Singapore International Convention and Exhibition Centre
Your presentation is the best ever on this topic.
Everton Cranston, Director of Team Leader Strategy, Pfizer, Inc.
Wow. Great new ideas. Very visionary. Many opportunities to improve the way we do things.
Bob Milam, Tradeshow Manager, Kerry Americas
Absolutely wonderful!
Mike Haworth, Convention Manager, Pfizer Inc.
Fabulous - insightful - fun - easy to follow. Gets you excited for what's available and how we can all benefit so much from your knowledge.
David Grant, Managing Director/Producer, David Grant Special Events
Absolutely incredible! I love your lectures – they’re always fascinating!
Carol Moffatt, Manager of Corporate Events, Gemological Institute of America
Great!! Immensely valuable!!
Rebecca Dennis, Sales Manager, US GrantHotel
Eye opening! This presentation really got my creative juices flowing. I can’t wait to see what I can shake up in our show.
Wayne Sommer, Director of Finance and Administration, ICMA
Very informative! Just the right amount of humor that keeps you excited. Great presentation!
Eric Lumpkins, Sales Manager, InterContinental New Orleans
It’s hard for me to focus 100% on a speaker for 100% of the session, but my mind never wandered once!
Aggie Canales, Director of Sales and Marketing, Hotard Coaches, Inc.
Amazing info. Great speaker.
Kathy Dube, Sales Manager, Geiger Promotional Products

Wow! As always you make it all seem so real and in English no less.
Cris Canning, CMP, Marketing Consultant, Hospitality Inc.
Very informative presentation given with true enthusiasm on the subject. Kept my interest throughout.
Scot Rockman, Senior Account Executive, San DiegoHarbor Excursion
Absolutely fantastic! Important information presented in an engaging style.- very relevant; answered a number of questions and gave me new ideas.
Nancy Hightshoe, Principal, Nancy Hightshoe Seminars
This was definitely the best presentation, at any University, ever.  Outstanding!
Comment received from Society of Incentive & Travel Executives (SITE) evaluation sheet.
Great information - I've learned more today than I have on my own in three years.
Lisa Lynn Backus, Director of National Accounts, Monterey Marriott
In the last ten years I've seen over 100 presentations on computer technology... Corbin Ball delivered the very best one! Corbin is engaging, articulate, down-to-earth, and uses language the audience understands. He has a good sense of humor, and handles Q & A very well. I would highly recommend Corbin as a speaker and trainer for your meeting!
Frank Candy, President, American Speakers Bureau
Corbin's presentations on web sites and technology are the best I have ever attended.
Helen Moskovitz, President, Helen Moskovitz & Associates
I want to thank you again for a great session. You have a wonderful way to teach an unfamiliar subject and have all in attendance understand.I loved it.
Bruce Harris, President and CEO, Conferon
Perhaps the most interesting and amazing presentation I have ever attended.
Gary Gibson, Director of Management Conference Services, U.S. Office of Personnel Management
The best one hour I have spent in my life!
Bill Howell, President, Destination San Antonio
This was the best continuing education program I have participated in over the last 10 years!
Rachael Dworsky, Former Owner, Connections Unlimited
I can't even begin to relay to you the many, many unbelievable comments I received with regards to your speech. You opened more eyes than you could ever imagine! Thank you so much for taking the time to be with us.
Jeff Sacks, CMP, Senior Account Executive, Conferon
Always a stellar performer! Well received, easy to follow, great material! Again you've received high accolades. They always want more. We are thankful thatyou are such a delight to work with.
Karen Hopkinson, Executive Director, Insurance Conference Planners Association
Very useful and useable information for all levels of technical savvy.
Jill Harrington, CEO, Society of Incentive Travel Executives (SITE)
Wow! So well organized! Good humor, personal touch, great information presented in easy to understand language.
Rhoberta Shaler, PhD, President, Speaking About Work
Fantastic - Best techie talk to non-techies I've heard! It is truly a "find" to discover someone who can, in one presentation, talk techie well enough that the tech-savvy crowd takes notes and clear enough that the technophobes start feeling smug and knowledgeable. Thanks so much for your program!
Patt Schwab, President Elect, National Speakers Association - Northwest Chapter and Owner of FUNdamentally Speaking
Informative - concise - extremely helpful - clear and warmly presented.
Marian York, Owner, WORDPower Institute NW
I'm really skilled with Internet searching, but you opened my eyes to places I've never seen. Thanks!
Terry van der Werff, DPhil., Professional Speaker and Futurist, van der Werff Global Ltd.
Corbin's presentation is just like the Internet: informative, fast-paced and very entertaining!
Kristi Miller, Director of Sales and Services, Scottsdale CVB
A great seminar that is loaded with cutting edge content. Corbin presents this information with enthusiasm and in easily understandable terms.
Art Charlton, President, ProSPEAK International Speakers Bureau
This one session was worth the entire day.Corbin is filled with a wealth of information. Corbin is passionate about our industry and future technology. He is superb!
Barbara Miner, CMP, Senior Manager of Corporate Events, Sara Lee Corporation
I am a supplier who wants to understand my client's world. My objective is to meet their needs. Your seminar has greatly helped. Thank you!
Joan Beck, Account Executive, Forrester-Smith Promotions and Incentives
Corbin is an extremely interesting and timely speaker who is always making us stretch to see the potentials of computers, the Internet and the future of technology.
Chris Baum, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Sonesta Hotels, Resorts and Nile Cruises
Great communicator - Corbin works his presentation with the knowledge level of his audience.
Patty Herder, Director of National Accounts, Orlando Marriott World Center
Corbin Ball’s presentation was insightful, fantastically interesting and greatly enjoyed. Thank you!
Traci Peters, Account Manager, AALA
Excellent! Informative! Entertaining!
Jessica Loesch, Director of Business and Development, EIS
Corbin was engaging, and fascinating from the moment he turned on his microphone.
Kimberly Maddox, National Account Manager, ConferenceDirect
Very interesting info and wonderful presentation format. Covered a lot of information in a little time.
Jackie Mongold, Assistant NRA Secretary, National Rifle Association
You were great! Informative, anecdotal, and interesting.
Mary Beth Baluna, Director of National Accounts, ConferenceDirect
Excellent presentation. Very informative. Made everyone think and evaluate how the are using technology in their business.
Robert DeLuca, Regional DOS, ConferenceDirect
What a fantastic presentation!
Kate Cantrell, Manager of Special Projects, Food Processing Suppliers Assn.
Good energy. Great for the close of the program. Lots of interesting info.
Amanda Clark, Manager of Conference and Meetings, National Assn. of Counties
This bowled me over. I want to see more!
Mary Ann Settlemire, Director of Meetings, American Assn. of Community Colleges
Fantastic presentation and very insightful.
Liz Wells, Director of Meetings, Snack Food Association
Incredible wealth of information!
Ana Stern, President, Executive Concierge
Simply great.
Bill Boyd, President, Sunbelt Motivation  (Past International President of Meeting Professionals International)
Treasure trove of information.
Bill Johnson, Certified Speaking Professional, President, Western Connection
Wonderful. Your presentation is like a best friend telling you what you need to know.
Claudia Brett, CMP, Director of Convention Sales, Los Angeles Convention Center
Excellent Information. Up-to-date and very interesting. I learned a ton. Tremendously helpful.
Jody Urquhart, Professional Speaker, IDO - Individual Development Organization
Fabulous, relevant, informative. Didn't use techno-babble. Easy to understand! GREAT!!
Samantha Muspratt, Director of Sales, Orient Express Trains and Cruises
Fabulous, fabulous, fabulous. I wish you could have spoken for double the time. I hope I have the opportunity to attend another of your presentations in the near future.
Tracy Rochester, Manager, NQ Exhibitions
Absolutely fantastic. Could have listened all day. Very informative, useful and entertaining.
Anthony Vallario, Director, Zoom Photography and Video Productions
Always informative and a lively presentation. Corbin makes the world of technology easier for me to understand.
Sandra Barreau, Director, Event Production Management
Excellent luncheon presentation. I've learned more here today than I have in the past several years!
Donna Zimmerman, Community Relations, Capital Region District
Outstanding presentation. Incredibly informative, well done and one of the best I've seen.
Karen Pendoley, Director of Sales and Marketing, New Castle Hotels - Four Points by Sheraton, Bangor
Mind boggling content very clearly articulated. Thank you.
Dr. Helen Kimberley, Business Coach, Business Thinking Systems
More, more, more.
David Kiernan, Sales Director, Magazine and website.
Dynamic, energetic and full of information. Corbin - thank you for showing me the latest (scary) information.
Damian Saunders, Conference Sales Manager, Country Club Casino
Fun, engaging, interesting, incisive, relevant.
Matt Crouch, Partner, Barter Perry Attorneys
Great communicator. Excellent info. Very easy to understand.
Mary Davidson, Director, Agenda: Kansas City
The information was wonderful. It gave me so many ideas for updating our website and information technology.
Megan West, Administrator, The Contact DMC Group
Excellent information. Your sharing was phenomenaland greatly appreciated.
Missy Weld, Presenter and Owner, The Speakers Net
Wonderful session. Paid for my trip.
Mary Adams-Wiley, Senior Marketing Program Manager, Sun Microsystems
I finally got the direction I've been searching for that outside Internet consulting firms and our own MIS group could not provide! Invaluable!
Rene Stern, Starbucks Coffee Co.
Thanks you for the wonderful handouts. Very informative! You are a great resource and we are all only as good as our resources.
Laura Bell Way, Manager of Program Planning, Olsen Incentives
Corbin presented the material in a fun and energetic way. It was clearly presented and easy to understand.
David Martoran, CHSP, National Sales Manager, Hilton Resort Hilton Head Island
Best presentation I attended during MeetingWorld. Love the fact that your discussion covered everything the blurb said you would and you still had time for questions.
Dorothy Fischer, Manager of Corporate Events, Brother Corporation
Great information – can’t wait to get back online. Wonderful experience. The Internet feels more available to me.
Kim King, Corporate Sales Manager, Best Western Bellevue Inn
Excellent format on the backup printed material. I’ll probably use this on a daily basis.
Jean Werner, Director of Sales, The Roosevelt
A truly masterful presentation.
Patrick Purdon, President, The Incentive Team
Soooo informative - WOW!
Yvonne deAngeli, Director of Catering, Sheraton Waterbury Hotel
This was awesome! I will be busy for days!
Heidi Hays, Event Marketing Manager, Guidance
Excellent and informative (extremely relevant and useful for my university studies as well as work).
Voronique Domin, Business Development Manager, The Rex Hotel Sydney
Excellent!!!! I learned so much and it was all very easy to follow. Grateful for the many examples you used to support your discussion.
Teresa Winch, Exhibit Coordinator, NQ Exhibitions
The most insightful, informative and absolutely productive presentation. Thank you greatly for sharing your knowledge.
Terri-Ann Mikulic, BCM, AJC Convention Centre
Loved the handout! Great to see the tools available and have a take-away.
Karen Zunkowski, Manager - Global Trade Shows, Novell, Inc.
Very informative. I don't know how I got this far without this information. I cannot wait to get back and use his useful tools.
Jodi Carey, Director of Sales, Sheraton Waterbury, Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada
This session alone was worth my time and registration fee to attend this meeting.
Theresa Garza, CMP, Managing Director, Amigo Meeting Solutions
This was exactly what I hoped it would be!
Susan MacPherson, Principal, Great Gatherings
Wow, the mystery is over - the shroud has been lifted! I now feel confident to take the plunge and make the Web work for me and my association efficiently and effectively.
Deborah Joyce Talyer, Events Planner, Connecticut Education Association
Wonderful! I learned more in this hour than I have in months surfing on my own.
Lee Decker, Director of Meetings, American Statistical Association
Corbin is not only entertaining and informative, but also knowledgeable. This was one of the best web presentations I've ever attended.
Judith Newman, Executive Director, Rowan County CVB
No one has explained the web so clearly in such a short amount of time.
Michelle Conley, Meeting and Convention Director, Subway
I came to this showcase mainly for this presentation. It was everything I expected and more!
Thomas Bariel, Director of Administration, Dan River Inc.
Great interaction with the audience. You were able to have audience participation and keep control at the same time.
Dawn Mooney, CMP, Administrator, Carolina Asphalt Pavement Association
Kept the topic moving - no dull moments. Upbeat! Enthusiastic! Informative!
Lynda Obront, Director of Sales - North America, Tour East Group
Presentation was outstanding. Content was staggering! And very informative and useful.
Jeremiah Hall, Director of Sales and Marketing, Mountain Club on Loon
The info presented will help me in managing every aspect of my job!
Pat Bradley, Annual Conference Coordinator, Seton Hill College’s National Education Center for Women in Business
This is the most amazing glimpse I’ve had into the opportunity to get an edge on competition in our area! Thank you.
Meredith Haverfield, Regional Director of Sales, Cavanaughs & Kalispell Center
Fantastic presentation!At last – a session that tells you not just what we should be doing but how to do it. And on top of all of that – it was completely relevant to our industry. Thank you.
Sue McDonald, Special Events Manager, Dreamworld
Very interesting session. Learned more today than what I have over the past three years since being online.
Suzanne Riedel, Director, Fireworx by Ian Riedel
Brilliant. Thought I knew quite a bit about the Internet and considered myself a proficient “surfer,’ but Corbin opened up so many doors and has given me a truly wonderful amount of useful information.
Sandra Barreau, Director, Event Productions Management
The most informative web/hotel industry related presentation I've ever seen. Thank you!
Doug McLain, National Sales Manager, Wyndham International
Fantastic presentation! Really enjoyed it. Very professional, educational and full of enthusiasm.
Mary Elizabeth MeMahon, Sr. Sales Manager, Savannah Marriott Riverfront Hotel
Corbin was great! Highly educational and an attention grabber.
Victoria Panza, Meeting Coordinator, Nationwide Insurance Company
Excellent presentation! I use the Web constantly and extensively, but you showed me new sites I'm anxious to visit. Thank you.
Laura Baukol, Events Coordinator, Allianz Insurance Company
By far, one of the most comprehensive updates on what's happening with the Web. Look forward to a future updated from him soon.
Robert Radlach, Director of Sales and Marketing, Radisson Hotel Harbor View
Great presentation! Even though I was quite familiar with the net and designed our own web page, I learned a lot of new cool stuff!
Ericka Deutsch-Layne, Meetings Manager, American Society for Precision Engineering
One of the best sessions I've been to - very relevant; answered a number of questions and gave me new ideas.
Sally Magallanes, CMP, Manager Meetings & Conferences, Prevent Blindness America
Best PCMA meeting so far! I learned a lot plus you reaffirmed what I’ve already been doing. Thanks!
Shannon Henson, Sr. Meetings Coordinator, NAIC
Finally a presentation that I can put to work!
Nancy Clark, Special Event Coordinator, March of Dimes
As President of Meeting Professionals International - Carolinas Chapter, your program represented my ideal of the type of educational programs I want to offer our membership - timely, practical and very informative.
Laura Sager, Assistant Director of the Friday Center., University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Great info! What I already knew just scratched the surface.
Pam Cantara, Sales Manager, Greensboro Convention & Visitors Bureau
What a fantastic presentation. The only Web/Internet presentation I have sat through that was both enjoyable and informative. Well done, Corbin! Thank you for getting me excited about I.T. - something I thought was impossible.
Kendall Battley, Marketing and Sales Executive, Tourism Whitsundays
Never thought I could sit through a 3-hour technology seminar without nodding off. Fascinating.
Annabel Davis, International Sales Manager, Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre
Sensational presentation with a wealth of information. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
Liz Bindon-Bonney, Cairns & Region Convention Bureau
Presentation was very informative. Very interactive and eye opening. Shows us how behind we really are and where we are heading. Be prepared or be out!
Rahul Bhargava, Manager - Research and Sales Development, Sydney Convention and Visitors Bureau
Very informative presentation. You sense the enthusiasm Corbin has on this subject and it spills over to his audience.
Carolyn Creek, Regional Sales Manager, Meetings and Conventions Magazine
Great seminar. This helped me tie together things I already knew. Will help me be more efficient.
Cherie Lloyd , Associated Builders & Contractors
Very Good! I never could figure out how people could spend hours on the net because I never knew how to find anything -- now I do! Thank you!
Jan Lampe, Marketing Coordinator, Columbia Forest Products
Very informative. Corbin is ahead of the game when it comes to the web and how to make it work for you.
Barbara MuMulligan, Regional Vice President, Helms Briscoe
Excellent presentation for all - novice to experienced
Jim Anselmo, Director of Fleet & Travel, Lorillard Tobacco
Fascinating! Am excited about exploring & learning more about the web - your web sites will provide a great place to start. Thanks for coming to educate us!!
Wendy Vermillion, Project Manager, FMI Corporation
Very helpful session! I've been on the net for a while, but this was the first time I've ever learned how to use it!! Great road map!!
Karen Marsh-Lovvorn, Program Administrator, Duke University School of Business
Excellent - animated, concise, lots of info.
Martha Ballard, Associate Director of Events, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Corbin’s message is among the most informative I have ever been given relevant to computer use.
Steve Pufpaf, Director of Sales, Marriott Rancho Las Palmas Resort and Spa  
Did a great job! You really opened my eyes to effective use of e-mail. I can hardly wait to get to my lap top!
Brian Hile, Regional Director of Sales, Fairmont Hotels
An extremely interesting and informative talk. You have sparked my interest in learning as much as I can get my hands on. Thank you!
Jason Tyler, Convention Service Manager, Doubletree Hotel Bellevue
Even though I consider myself knowledgeable on the net - I learned about many useful sites which will help me in the future.
Fred Kleinsner, National Accounts Manager, Westin Hotels & Resorts
I thought I knew a lot about the web but I've got so much more to learn. The course outline will be great for reference.
Sue Price, Convention Sales, Riverside Inn
Very informative. Lots of data to take back and use.
Richard Emmerling, Director of Sales, WestCoast Executive Park
Truly an eye-opener! I though I was somewhat savvy, but now realize there’s much more out there!
Aimee Neely, Corporate Sales, Grove Hotel
This was very informative. I had some Internet search experience, but now I feel I have the information I need to find more information quicker. Thank you!
Janet Filip, Director of Catering, Ypsilanti Marriott
Very informative and knowledgeable. Easy to follow and understand. A compassionate speaker eager to help and share.
Victoria Jarrett, National Account Executive, Monumental Meetings
Fantastic - great presentation style and take home value!
Fritz Lehman, President, Hello Florida!, Inc.
A very inspiring presentation. I'm so glad I came.
Sylvia Schleuter, Director of Sales and Marketing, Incentive Directors/ UK
Excellent - very valuable and beneficial information. Fast paced and loaded with details for improving knowledge and use of the Internet. Great handouts!
Sandra Hohl, President, PCI International
Terrific presentation - Educational, Practical, and Fun! (both professionally and personally). Thank you.
Mary Green-Hollas, Marketing Manager, Mavico Pointe Theaters Corporation
Fascinating topic. Corbin was well-organized and presented this material in an easy-to-understand format. I appreciate his sharing his vast knowledge and information. Wonderful presentation
Rick Nadler, Grand Rental Station
Corbin inspires the novice to organize and utilize the web to its fullest potential
Karen Germeraad, Corporate Sales Manger, Cavanaughs on Fifth Ave
Great presentation. Informative, high energy, well crafted.
Al Borowski, MEd. Certified Speaking Professional, President, Priority Communications Skills, Inc.
I’ve seen Corbin three times. No one works harder to keep his material fresh and relevant to events.
Scott Stubbs, President, HB Stubbs Company
Awesome! Thank you very much. I never thought that I’d actually be using technology that only a few years ago was only on StarTrek.
Vanessa Saunders, Director of Business Development, PG!
Great session! Informative, interesting and great delivery and execution.
Leslie Brand, Director of Corporate Events, MediaLive International
Great presentation. I enjoy hearing about technology and your predictions every year.
Allyson Alberston, Sr. Manager Event Marketing, Dell Inc.
Very Interesting. Great Examples!
Cartlin Swentzel, Tradeshow Manager, PeopleSoft
Excellent job on presenting. Held my interest the entire time.
John Nalbor, Account Executive, GES Exposition Services
Very thoughtful and insightful presentation.
Christopher Kappes, EVP Sales and Marketing, Sparks Exhibits and Environments
Relevant and captivating. I now know some of the directions I need to address.
Greg Keh, VP, TWI Group.
An hour of thought-provoking, futuristic ideas that has educated me today for the possibilities of tomorrow.
Joy Mossholder, VP Marketing, Sparks Exhibits and Environments
Great ideas. You are great at predicting the future in technology.
Billi Little, Tradeshow and Event Manager, Quark
Your presentations are always informative and entertaining. People do not leave the session. They stay to the end.
Jacque Thomas, Sr. Manager, World Wide Events and Tradeshows, Thomson Broadcast  Media Solutions
This was a very interesting presentation and brings up several ethical and privacy arguments.
Shannon McCarthy, Sr. Marketing Events Specialist, Symantec
Great update. Always wonderful.
Mark Fisher, Director of Meeting Division, MTI Marketing
Clone yourself so you can impact audiences exponentially.  You can change the world!
Judy Fairbanks, Partner and Chief Marketing Officer, Capture Technologies
Attending your session yesterday was a highlight of the conference!  The insights and perspectives I gained would have taken days of research on my own and I would have been only half way there!!!!
Alex Wray, President, Wray Group
Excellent. Extremely helpful information for traveling small businessman.
George Atkinson, Owner, Atkinson Accounting
Great session! Moved along yet very comprehensive and clearly presented.
Myra Gresh, Management Analyst, VA MedicalCenter
Super! You are so smart! Repeat next year.
Jean Maher, Program Manager, Illinois Dept. of Children and Family Services
I thoroughly enjoyed the presentation. It was filled with the latest trends in technology that will change the way we interact with one another.
Cheryl Howell, Program Coordinator, Florida Fund for Minority Teachers
Awesome – I learned so much and feel more up to date now.
Max Wood, Director, Wood and Associates.
Extremely informative info and high energy presentation.
Marian Abe, Sales Manager, HyattRegencyOrangeCounty
Your presentation was great. I like your casual yet professional approach. Thank you so much for speaking at the CalSAE event.
Maria Nazario, Associate Director, California
Society of CPAs
Wonderfully amazing presentation. I’m excited to what is coming.
Heather Fredrickson, Group Sales Manager, Radisson Los Angeles Westside
Excellent session! An education for work and real life applications.
Rick Brush, Manager of Private Groups, Bickmore Risk Services
Most educational window to the future I’ve been to in years!
Patty Mosser, Special Events Manager, INVESCO Field at Mile High Stadium
Amazing and overwhelmingly unbelievable.
Glenda Chupps, Executive Director, Western English Trade Association
I learned a ton. I’m overwhelmed! Thank you.
Paig Gililland, Corporate Event Manager, The LionsgateCenter
Great knowledge of the technical world; its particular uses and impact on the hospitality industry, and terrific ability to present.
Russell Kraus, President, Meetings in General
Exciting relevant materials. We could really use you wisdom in Singapore.
Scott Friedman, Scott Friedman and Associates
As usual…every time I hear you speak,  I walk away amazed an not only what is happening today but where we are headed in the future.
Anne Urban, President, Destination Planning Corporation
Wow!! Very eye-opening. Great energy. Packed full of information.
Lee O Quinn, Radisson Riverwalk Hotel
Exceptional! Best session attended so far!
Bruce Orinstein, Senior Sales Manager, Hyatt Regency Monterey
Corbin’s presentations has saved me 100’s of hours of research. Thank you.
Paula Noble, ConferenceSalesCenter, MiamiUniversity
Excellent – Great Information – Good use of Examples. This session was worth the entire price of the conference.
John Kretschman, Director of Continuing Education, Missouri Institute of Mental Health
Very informative. High technology information in layman’s terms. Really enjoyed it.
Bill Trotta, President, Design Destinations, Inc.
Your sessions provide renewed enthusiasm for using the WWW to learn more about my clients and find new ones. I always take away new ideas, tips and shortcuts.
David Woodward, Senior Sales Manager, Canadian Pacific Hotels -- the Empress
Great information. A subject that will help keep me up to date in the industry and give me access to a wealth of information on the web. Thanks you.
Virginia Heller, Event Planner, Event Marketing Association
One of the best sessions I’ve been to – very relevant; answered a number of questions and gave me new ideas.
Sally Magallanes, CMP, Manager Meetings & Conferences, Prevent Blindness America
Did a great job! You really opened my eyes to effective use of e-mail. I can hardly wait to get to my laptop!
Brian Hile, Regional Director of Sales, Fairmont Hotels
Great presentation filled with updated, pertinent information!
Suzanne Lehrer, Sales Manager, Puerto Rico Convention Bureau
Great seminar – well organized and easily understandable for one with very little technology knowledge.
Betty DePrisco, Radisson Hotel and Suites Chicago
Fast paced, very useful and interesting. Will save hours of phone calling and guesswork in different properties.
Karen Graham, Resource Management Assistant, GTE
Wonderful session! This info I learned in this session will save me hours of my time. Outstanding performance by instructor.
Katherine Italiano, Conference Planning Specialist, U.S. Census Bureau
Wonderful! Thanks for the tips and tools to harness the power of the Web to make finding appropriate sites easier.
Rebecca Von Nieda, Director of Meetings&Administration, Pennsylvania Dental Association
Wonderful presentation…it was nice to see what we are doing right. However, it was wonderful to see how much more potential our resort has.
Beth Whitehouse, Sales Office Manager, Oglebay Resort and ConferenceCenter.
Very informative. Easy to understand the information and web when presented in such a positive manner.
Tara Dolan, Vice President, Wings Promotions Inc.
Corbin’s sessions on meeting planning and management software are the best you can find. Always pertinent with updates, they help cut through the fog of what software products are claimed to do.
Robert Black, President, RB/C,
So nice to review “what’s out there. Great, comprehensive handout materials. Clearly presented.
Gail Vanderbeck, Education Coordinator, BMI Corporation
Very good – even though it was fast paced, it was easy to keep up with. Handouts are great – very informative.
Jan Hogan, Director of Sales, McBeatonConvention Center
This presentation will allow me to understand what type of software the meeting planners are using to help them with advice on software that will help them.
Pilar Power, Association Sales Manager, Sheraton Imperial Hotel
Very informative. I am currently looking a software and it helped me very much.
Kim Parsons, Director Group and Meeting services, Seagatt Travel
Fast-paced, thorough, informative, energetic. Makes me want to find time to play on the Internet and with Excel today to work smarter tomorrow.
Collen LaPlante, Coordinator of Meetings and Publications
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