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It’s important to get your event out into the world quickly. It shows that you take initiative, you’re an awesome planner and you know how to get the guest list poppin’ in a second.

Everyone knows how to create an event on Facebook, but what about on your mobile device? By using the following apps, all of you guests will soon be buzzing about your event in no time.



The invites, the guest list, the ticket sales — who can keep track of it all? Bizzabo helps you manage everything you need when planning an event. Plus, it’ll create and publish the event for you. An awesome networking app as well, Bizzabo has been used at more than 5,000 events worldwide and helps with event analytics.



Manage your guests’ credentials with Whova. Not only does this free app create and share events, but it can scan and keep track of your guests’ business cards and check out their professional profiles in one place. Scan your guests’ backgrounds and find out what makes them tick. Let the networking begin.


Super Planner

This is the real deal. Calculate the capacity for 15 different types of venues, including banquet halls, theaters and reception halls. Or if you need to figure out what type of venue works best for your number of guests, the calculator can tell you that too. This app can help you figure out how to keep your event budget in check, and to make sure who’s coming — and most definitely staying.



Evernote has been around for a while, and most people are aware of its existence. But not everyone has been using it as an event planning tool. If you’re unaware of how this free app works, it stores all your notes in one place and syncs to all your devices so you can find your Evernotes on your laptop, tablet and smartphone.

If you have an Apple Watch, you can dictate your notes directly and save them. Did you need to unexpectedly add a guest to your list? Tell the app on the spot, and save it. You can manage event checklists, discuss the event with your collaborators and simply get things done.


Pro Party Planner

With this app, you can: create seating charts, manage your guest list and make sure everything's running smoothly. If your guests use Eventbrite, you can integrate any updates for your guests into the app. You can also collaborate with your teammates and delegate any incoming tasks to the appropriate person.

If you get these five apps, your guest list will be overflowing — and your event will run more smoothly than ever.
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